About the Roger Kresge Foundation

Roger L Kresge was a prominent businessman and aviator who spent his life committed to improving the lives of the people in our community. Throughout his adult life, Roger supported organizations that improve the conditions of children and adolescents. He understood that a strong community is directly tied to the opportunities we create to foster intellectual and social growth of our young people. Roger was a risk taker and flourished by translating those risks into successful businesses. In addition to several business interests and charitable endeavors, he attained the rank of General in the Army, a reflection of his commitment to his country. His generosity created the Roger Kresge Foundation and through it, the means to support organizations that will continue his belief that the best way for our community to prosper is to invest in its foundation, its children. He died prematurely, but through the foundation his legacy lives on.

Since becoming fully funded by the estates of Roger and his wife Mary Kresge in 1990, the Foundation has disbursed grants totaling over four million dollars, creating a wonderful legacy in memory of Roger Kresge.

Roger Kresge Foundation